Sitemap - 2019 - Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk

What We Got Wrong in 2019

Trust, OpenAI & The NYT Opinion Section

Pig Irons at the 'Plex

That Photo

In defense of biometrics

Innovation and the 2010s

Tech, Meet the Humans

Thanksgiving Week Link Dump #2 of 2 - Food Writing Edition

Thanksgiving Week Link Dump - #1 of 2

What Happened to Recycling?

Brand Hijacking and Amazon's China Strategy

Gatekeepers gonna gatekeep

SoftBank and The Dong

Airbnb and the Markets

Gawker, Trump and Checks & Balances

App got your data?

Data Breaches are now Growth Hacks: Zappos Edition

Jokes. You invented bad jokes.

Magic Leap, AirPods & Digital Layers

The Magic Rectangles on the Old Web

Remembering and Forgetting Music

Pick your side because the NBA picked theirs

Mark Zuckerberg and Existential Threats

Please Make Money.

Introducing Userless

The Conflict is the Point

Empathy on The Margins

Lil Miquela & the Blockchain Dress

The Climate Change of the Abandoned Internet

An Ode to Privacy Normalcy

Peloton bikes are the real deal

Big companies won't fix their bugs

Popeyes & Private Equity

Welcome back, San Francisco

WeWork and the 2010s

Everything is a tech company now.

3 Thoughts on Cars

The Illusion of Zero Marginal Costs

The Margins' 5 Point Plan to Fix Social Media

You should delete your tweets

Speaking to Robots

Is your data yours?

The Rule of 140

Software Eats Itself

Superhuman and Human-Scale Media

Summer Reading

Parenthood and Instagram Ads

Robinhood and the Limits of Innovation

Slack and the Art of Subscription Management

Rise and Waterfall of Apple Maps

The Rise of Distributed Teams

Apple enters the identity ring

Dear Vox Media. Move to Vimeo.

Is Racism Good Business for Twitter?

The Sweetgreen-ification of Society

Is Fake News spam?

The Next Great Insight™

WhatsApp too gets hacked.

America's GDPR

No surge pricing for $UBER

TikTok and Tariffs

Who controls the internet?

Taboola, Outbrain and the Chum Supply Chain

What’s in a username?

Rotten Tomatoes and Review Inflation

The Cloud in your Pocket

Digital Exhaust: The Forgotten Internet

Service Oriented What Again?

Identity is the low-hanging fruit

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Startup Options

Oligopolies, algorithms and your money

On Global Accountability

Venmo Robberies and the Apple Credit Card

The Secret Liabilities of Data

How Walgreens enabled Theranos

Spotify does taxes.

Affiliate Links and Antitrust

Zuck pens another memo.

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