There is no one single narrative that can cover what's happening. There literally can't be. The wall street bets subreddit has 4 MILLION members. Some of them are sticking it to wall street. Some are in it for the money. Some are bored, some are gamblers that can't help themselves.

All of this is irrelevant though, because the true value of what's happening is what it's revealing about wall street, the double standards, and the corruption of institutions that got us to this point.

2020 was eye opening in the same way re: institutional failure to handle the pandemic and racism, and 2021 is already shaping up to be just as tumultuous. We haven't even closed the first month of 2021, and the US capitol has already been stormed and wall street has been sent scrambling and begging for the sorts of regulations they stripped out decades ago because the people they've been screwing over for so long have turned the tables on them.

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Question - is there any way to know who is behind the activity?

In this post, you link to a table of GameStock institutional ownership (totals 52M), but isn't the story a bit more nuanced than that: won't it depend on how much of that ownership is being floated and the mandate of those institutional investors?

Haven't seen much written about the dynamics of the different types of players in the ecosystem (e.g., could an ETF be taking bets? could an index fund? what actions are mandated in this case from its fiduciary duty?)

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