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I know how bad the economy has pushed us backwards financially but have you heard about grant? Grants are economic aid issued out of a general revenue. The Grant is an award of financial assistance to individuals who need assistance paying bills, buying a home, starting a business, paying tuition, assistance for seniors and retired people. This is a new program where you can win grants from $100,000 to $10,000,000. The money given is not a loan and its tax free money used to help individuals. This Grant is a non-repayable funds provided to individuals. Before you are eligible to receive this Grant an application or proposal is required which would determine if you are qualified to receive this Grant, after a review of your application and confirmation of your eligibility of receiving the Grant. The Grants award made to fund a specific project requires some level of compliance and reporting. The Grant helps over 88,000 people annually and over $200 Million are given out every year. The grant is unrestricted to be used by the recipient in any fashion within the perimeter of the recipient's or organization's activities. Contact law.anderson@protonmail.com to process your grants.

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