Margins is a biweekly newsletter by Can Duruk and Ranjan Roy. It’s loosely about business of technology industry, and also technology of the business. We like the name, and the symmetry.

We are interested in how technology is changing the business of everything, with a slight focus on security and media. Coming from different backgrounds, finance and technology, and converging into one, business, we try to hit a nice balance of diversity and coherence.

Also, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Can Duruk

Can is the co-founder of Felt. He worked at Uber, Upthere, and Digg as a software engineer before. He likes running, reading, and people making fun of his Turkish name.

Ranjan Roy

Ranjan is a former trader, with a stint at Bank of America and a former business manager at the Financial Times newspaper. Now he runs his own content strategy and newsletter company in New York City. He loves fried chicken, news, and also fried chicken.

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The technology of business and the business of technology, by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk.


The business of technology, and the technology of business.
Founded Felt, and writes on Margins